35mm photo & polaroids by Nick Collingwood Vintage

35mm photo & polaroids by Nick Collingwood Vintage

meet the photographer

Hi! I'm Rebecca, a couple & family photographer based in Manhattan! My mom's a German immigrant, so you can also find me near Hamburg, or the greater Chicago area for family. (Orrrrr...you could travel somewhere cool and take me with! I've got the AirBnB lists going already. ;) 

I've been photographing for about 8 years and 3 years in business, but people are why I wake up excited each day. The whole "soul" thing on here might sound totally cheesy and I definitely debated it (ha!), but it's really what it's all about, from the time we meet 'til you get your images delivered in your mailbox.

More about me you ask? Okay...so that I don't spend paragraphs explaining my embarrassing love of flavor-blasted goldfish, fort-making contests, or loud hip-hop, you can check out a few favorite things below. ;) Better yet, come say hi in person!

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my favorite things!

wait for it...wait for it...



"Rebecca is so personal, so that she can get the real you in photographs. I think we have more photographs, than ever before, that capture our personalities perfectly."