A Saturday morning in Chinatown


A marvelous, artistic, wonderfully weird, hilarious, poetic family that knows how to celebrate in the everyday while being comfortable in silence. I mean, they used to dumpster dive for fun. if that isn’t the pinnacle of finding joy in the ordinary (and being undeniably cool), I don’t know what is!

picture frames in the sun chinatown family photographer
photographs taped on the wall chinatown family photographer
laundry drying in front of a window chinatown family photographer
photograph of a couple on a wall chinatown family photographer
walking from a coffee shop in chinatown family photographer
baby in black and white at her high chair family photographer
family eating breakfast in the dark family photographer
abstract shot of a baby and parents black and white
baby making a confused face chinatown family photographer
photograph of a family in a mirror
baby and mother in a window new york city family photographer
family playing games in their apartment
dad and daughter in front of a window family photographer new york city
Realizing there was someone there to capture the specific scrunch of my baby’s nose when she spontaneously smelled some daffodils was such a relief!
— Brittany, family shoot
couple holding hands in their apartment new york city
couple in front of a window new york city
couple laughing in their apartment chinatown new york city photographer
couple embracing new york city

Even the birds are in the know: / I saw them writing in the sky / brazenly and openly / the very name I call you by. / The trees? Could you explain to me / their unrelenting whispering? / The wind may know, you say to me, / but how is just a mystery. / A moth surprised us through the blinds, / its wings in fuzzy flutter. / Its silent path—see how it winds / in a stubborn holding pattern. / Maybe it sees where our eyes fail / with an insect's inborn sharpness. / I never sensed, nor could you tell / that our hearts were aglow in the darkness.

—Wislawa Szymborska, from ‘OPENNESS’