the charles family

A trip to the farmer’s market & a Brooklyn picnic


This family embodies a kind of childlike wonder about the world, in everything they do. A stillness, but a curiosity and creativity. We had so much fun heading to Prospect Park on a bright fall morning. I love picnics because they are a sunny, summer alternative to in-house shoots, but still include one of the most profound rhythms together — sharing food.

kid sleeping in a stroller prospect park family photographer
kid holding bread farmer's market photographer
kid with flowers prospect park family photographer
farmer's market family photographer
kid at the farmer's market getting pie
family photographer new york city kid holding bread
kid eating pie picnic photographer
family eating a pie at a picnic
kid who just ate prospect park new york city
black and white family photographer
picnic basket in prospect park new york city
kid hugging mom toddler prospect park photographer
sun flare new york city prospect park photographer

The child put her hand on my shoulder. She touched her hand to where I was most free. You woke, and held out your arms to me. Mother: the napping tree in the village inside of me. You folded me back into fifths, lay me in my sweet acorn cradle. You wrapped my favorite blanket, a black leaf, around me.

— tarfia faizullah, from ‘mother’

green square.jpg
kid lying on the ground with pumpkins new york city brooklyn
walking as a family through prospect park
walking as a family through prospect park black and white
kid walking with mom prospect park family photographer
kid walking and holding a pumpkin prospect park family photographer