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Wait a second, why did you quit Instagram stories?

You can read most of this on my Instagram highlights, but basically, I enjoy life a lot more without it and it’s not worth the trade-off. I’m not on Instagram when I’m with people, so even the act of photographing something for later posting felt like it was detracting from presence with people, one of my core life values. I think a lot of moments are more magical when not shared online with strangers. I’m also a very private person, so while I deeply care about cultivating in-person vulnerability, sharing online has always felt very invasive to me (like it was crossing a boundary, which I’m not about).

I know you need to be able to get to know me to feel safe with me, so I made this page, and I’m more than willing to get to know you in person. I hope you know that means also that I’m all the more careful about treating your story and boundaries with care.

I should also say, the rare time I’m online I love seeing what you are all up to! I respect what you choose to share.

I know I’m sacrificing engagement, but I make my best work when I’m grounded and present, and I can’t have both excellent Instagram engagement and be my best, flourishing self (to me and to others).

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