2D Artist: Gregory Crewdson

this isn't just another blog of my work.

I want to let you into my life as well as have a space to share inspiration (not the cheesy kind). Less of a blog, more of a conversation. One of these inspiration posts will be artists of the week, divided into 2D, 3D, and 4D/installation artists. 

This week's artist: Gregory Crewdson, fine art photographer.

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(I'll also will be sharing my favorite photographers in the industry in separate posts. While I consider them artists and no less than anyone else, the art market versus the lifestyle & portrait market just are too different, as I'm sure you can guess. I think artist has many definitions, and that's okay!)

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While I could talk about each artist for pages and pages, what I'd really love is for this to make you think, and for it to turn into a real-life conversation with people you love. 

But, what I love about Gregory's work is that his (incredibly) high production level brings scenes to life that feel straight out of our mind's eye. He whispers an eerily accurate picture of slow, quiet, suburban life while being inspired by classical artists. 

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I really love that while they feel like the town next door where you grew up, there's always something off-putting. Why is the woman on the left lying down? Why are the lights on if the sun is out? Who are the people to the very left? Why is the woman pregnant — why did he choose an older woman filling the pool?

One last image of behind the scenes — insane!

brooklyn lifestyle family photographer heartfelt

Let me know what you think, and even better, look at his work in person.