It's finally time to restart the blog.

If you followed along back when RJI was in WI, THANK YOU. You're the best.

This blog will be a little different, though.

Since pulling away from most of my interaction with social media for a host of reasons (& solely using it as a marketing tool to get general traffic to the site since I moved cities), it's just so much more clear how bad of a medium it is to discuss heavy subjects. It just can't stand up underneath the weight of human issues, and since the *ahem* election it's just gotten weirder. But, one of the things that makes RJI, well, RJI is our (meaning you and I!) love of discussion and all kinds of art. As much as I love photographers, most of my inspiration comes from music and the written word.


I've used every excuse under the planet not to do this, as sending out words into the ether + vulnerability sounds like the worst combination (and I was in that Christian girl flower banner blog era that forever left a bad taste in my mouth. You can't blame me right?! ;). But I can't really expect you to want ~soul portraits~ if you have no idea what's rolling through my own head and heart, or for you to feel OK bringing up hard things if I have never done so myself. Oops. 

Here's to starting online conversations that *fingers crossed* go offline and face to face, even when it's hard... especially when it's hard.



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