meet rebecca (she/her/hers)

Artist, musician, inner toddler, baker, old soul, & aunt times 7! 


A few of my favorite things


“Still, what I want in my life is to be willing to be dazzled—to cast aside the weight of facts and maybe even to float a little above this difficult world. I want to believe I am looking into the white fire of a great mystery. I want to believe that the imperfections are nothing— that the light is everything—that it is more than the sum of each flawed blossom rising and falling. And I do.”



Not face-to-face, but the best we can do!

about me

Hi! I'm Rebecca (call me any variation but Becky), a couple & family photographer based in Brooklyn! My mom's a German immigrant, so you can also find me near Hamburg, or the greater Chicago area for family. ( could travel somewhere cool and take me with!) About 3 years ago I moved to NYC from Wiscahhhnsin, where I picked up my love of mayo/ranch based sauces. On the weekends, I like to play the piano or djembe, swing in my hammock, play with kids, go to free art museum days, get overpriced drinks and new food with friends, or weirdly as of last month, rock climb (though I still hate camping). I may seem very artsy but I’m not above a ping pong tournament, don’t be fooled.

my photo journey

I picked up a camera as a kid, and more seriously when Facebook first became big in my friend group and we all needed cool profile pics. Eventually… I was the only one shooting, and I started RJI taking senior photos for my classmates. Since then, I've been photographing for about 8 years with 4 years in business, but people are why I wake up excited each day. Photography has been the starting point for some of my closest friendships, and my greatest honor is getting to witness your relationships with your loved ones. More than that, I love to see people deepen the relationship with themselves and learn to extend empathy to their darkest parts, too.

I find this solace and love in creating art with those around me. I wanted this shoot so badly to show how far I’ve come and the peace I’ve created within myself. Rebecca takes the best photos and truly captures it all honestly. She is art.
— Nicole, portraits
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let’s meet!

We can hang out at my coworking space, or meet at an instagrammable cafe! #millenial I’d love to get to know you.

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Want to see what I’m about before saying hey? I quit Insta stories, but…