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1 | Inquiry to booking


What are your prices?

Do you ever offer discounts/run special deals?

Can you recommend vendors, like HMUA etc for a shoot?

Can I see a full gallery from a past shoot?

How far in advance should I reach out?

What’s the booking process like?

I’m super busy right now and can’t really make the in-person meetings, fill out questionnaires, etc. Can we just do the photo session?

I’m interested in a couple shoot, but I’m the one who’d actually like it to happen (and my partner isn’t super interested). Thoughts?


2 | Shoot preparation

What should we wear!?

Should we match outfits?

Should I deep clean the house before our in-home session!?

Can you give us some ideas to start with on where we could shoot?

My kids hate photos. I’m not sure they’ll last…

Will you help us make a timeline for our shoot (specifically elopements)?

How can we support you during the shoot?


3 | The shoot itself

What time of day do you shoot?

Do you pose couples/families, or just let things naturally unfold? How do you get the shots that are on your site now?

Can I give you a shot list?

Can you replicate photos from my Pinterest board?

In what artistic/visual style do you shoot?

Do you shoot any formal portraits at all, if you are mostly a documentary photographer?

4 | After the shoot

Can you tell me a specific number of images I’ll get with the session?

Do you retouch photographs?

How do you describe your editing style?

Do you send black and white images and color?

How quickly do I get images back?

Once you deliver the images, can we get more or see the outtakes?

Do you have backups of all the files if we ever need them later on or want to order prints down the road?