a few things about the people I meet

The amazing people I get to shoot have an inspiring zest for life.


Places you may find them


Now more than ever you can be generous toward each day that comes, young, to disappear forever, and yet remain unaging in the mind. Every day you have less reason not to give yourself away.

– Wendell Berry, There is No Going Back


If you’re already connecting to the work & nodding ‘yes!’ with these traits, we’ll be a good fit.

I know I've read some pages about the "right client" for a company or something and felt left out. Do I have to be a certain level of cool to be invited to the in-crowd? Haha, I’ll pass. That said, I also respect your time and want to make sure you know what kind of people my work is best suited for.

I know meeting strangers and all is scary, especially if they're going to capture your soul (!!)— so I hope this helps a little bit in choosing a photographer. I’m certainly not a copy of my clients, but we share these values almost 100% of the time.