what's this page, you ask?

I know I've read some pages about the "right client" for a company or something and felt left out. Like, do I have to be a certain level of cool to be invited to the in-crowd? Not my thing.

So, in light of that, this page about our people is 100% the opposite. It's for you if you're curious about RJI and feel a connection to the work you see already, but want to get a better feel for the whole thing. I know meeting strangers and all is scary, especially if they're going to capture your soul (!!)— so I hope this helps a little bit in choosing a photographer. If you're resonating with these, we'll definitely be a great mix.


our people...

(in no particular order, and by no means exhaustive)

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...don't fit in but are happier that way

Our people are the type that make you feel at ease instantly, because they're pretty secure in themselves. There's no need to be someone they're not or to keep up with any rules, because they're just focused on living. Although they might be conversational and open, they never take the spotlight, because confidence isn't loud. They're rule-breakers, but not just to get attention—they're just themselves.

...get excited about the little things in life

Our people strike up conversations with strangers & are all in when their favorite song comes on. They probably have a nerdy hobby or interest that they get a little too excited about sharing, whether it's a kind of artistic hobby or doctorate study. At the end of the day, they're pretty much madly in love with experiences and anything that makes for a good conversation.

They are adventurous, alive, and doing things that simply make them feel their hearts beating and the wind in their hair (and have some REALLY cool stories to tell).

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...really care about others

You know those people where you leave a conversation feeling like you learned more about yourself than them? Yea, those are our people. They are educated and create a safe place for learning and growing — whether you realize it or not. And, although their daily jobs may not be service-oriented, they make space for friends when it's inconvenient. They're the kind of people who sacrifice to support the social issues/justice causes close to their heart.

...hold the dark and light of life in open hands

While they're probably known for their excitement or quiet joy, these people aren't afraid of hard conversations. They're not looking for someone to capture their life as they wish it were, because they have fought for meaning and healing that comes only through pain, and feel it needs to be given proper weight in photographs. They may not seem fun enough to everyone, but they're not out to be popular; instead, their conversations are enriching and thought-provoking. With them, there is space to grow, and grace in failure.

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...are naturally creative

Though they may not be artists in their day jobs (but often are!), they have a careful eye and heart for appreciating and creating artistic beauty. They're music lovers & naturally surround themselves with what makes them feel alive — meaningful details, striking simplicity. Their friends see them as abstract individuals who are their own artistic icons. In their free time, if they're not creating themselves, they're most likely supporting other artists, whether it's theater, independent film, art galleries, etc.

are you nodding "yes" to any of these?