what it's like to work with RJI!


part one

you reach out & receive the info packet

Usually we start via email, or perhaps I met you in person and you reach out there. I'll respond within 24-48 hours and send over an info packet depending on what you're looking for! If you're inquiring about a wedding, we'll have a complementary meeting to discuss the packets and any concerns you have (since it's such a big decision!). 

part two

we get to meet & hang out

Once you choose the best package for you (and I'm here to help!) we'll immediately take care of the contract, payment, and other "boring things". Then, fun stuff: we'll get to know each other for the rest of the process! We'll meet for coffee or drinks in the city & talk about the best Disney movie of all time, the last meal you'd eat if you were dying tomorrow, and other essential things like that.

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part three

we plan any remaining shoot details 

Whatever we don't cover in the meeting, we'll continue to plan over email. I'll often go scouting for locations at this time, and suggest a time that fits your vision & heart for the shoot the best! If you're getting married, we'll definitely meet a few more times slash have more calls to go over everything, along with a final pre-wedding coffee date for the timeline and logistics.

part four

the shoot (or, basically another hangout!)

By this time, hopefully all the nerves about getting your photographs taken are mostly gone, and it'll feel just like meeting a friend for a few hours. Promise. We'll probably have a sweet playlist too. Or if it's your wedding, we'll get to hang out for the best day of your life yet!! I'll listen to the entire rhythm of the day and probably celebrate every little thing because it's the big day.

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part five

you receive your gallery & get to choose prints/album!

In one week (or 5-6 for weddings) you'll have all final images in your very own gallery! From here you can choose prints for your home or even choose from my favorite albums, from magazines to leather books. And from here, you'll have made a new friend to cheer you on even beyond the shoot. :) 

this sound good to you?