rebrand promo guide for families

Thank you so much for your interest! I so appreciate it!


 You may be wondering…Why did I reach out?!

Well, there’s two reasons — when I redid my website, I realized that too many of my best photo shoots were still from Wisconsin, where I moved from 2 years ago. I’ve shot in New York, but a lot haven’t all been ‘ideal’ clients, or have shot in too many touristy spots ;) That’s where you come in! You’re a couple who’s an ideal fit — been in NYC a while, artistic souls, care about your home reflecting you, and people who care about wholehearted vulnerability (who happen to have young kids).

The second reason is that in order to keep perfecting my craft, I need unscripted shoots where there’s not as much pressure to please the client, so I can keep telling the best family stories possible. I can take a little more time in framing each shot and honing my intuitive photo skills, as well as get to know my ideal clients face-to-face. (And yes, with new families comes new networks, which is always a good side benefit that I may not get from normal referrals that are all from 1 NYC network)


Want to see more family work?

If you’re wondering what to prep… don’t stress!! This is just me following you around a normal weekend routine.

If you’re thinking about deep cleaning the night before, really, don’t—there’s no need. It won’t even show up on photos! And I won’t judge. ;) When I arrive and shoot, I’ll make sure to move anything distracting out of the way. I’ll be mostly shooting in front of the windows, so if there’s anything in front of them, I’ll probably move it — just a warning.

The ABSOLUTE BIGGEST help you can be to me is to open your heart. Sounds silly but you know. Whatever you usually do as your ‘vulnerability’ practice, conscious or unconsciously — maybe meditation, connecting with each other for a minute after the kids go to sleep, spending an extra 5 minutes at breakfast hugging your kids, journaling it out — plan for it the night before. I want the shoot to be a time to slow down and remember the love you have for each other, even in the midst of craziness, right between the mess. You don’t have to do your hair special or wear the right thing. Just do whatever it takes for you to ease up in front of the camera and make new memories with your family (and of course I’ll help with that too!).

 What to expect the day of

I’ll arrive and we’ll shoot for 1-2.5 hours approximately, depending . I don’t carry a ton of gear, so I’ll be able to move wherever you go. I’ll probably scout your house and let you give me a tour of the whole place, get to know the kid(s), and then start shooting. I also carry a ‘happy jar’ full of questions to answer as a family, so start to think of your favorite memories ;)

The 1 thing I need from you is for you to think about 2-3 normal Saturday things you may do so I can shoot them alongside you. I just request that the majority of the shoot is in the house (maybe eating breakfast, making muffins, reading books, etc.) — it can be super simple.

If you would like, I’d also love to go outside to a local park or coffee shop or place you love and shoot there too!


You’ll get the online gallery 1 week later, ‘favorite’ 10 of your most loved shots, and keep the digital files / rights / everything! If you want more, you can purchase them through the gallery (along with prints), since the shoot and first 10 photos are free. If you share them with your friends, that would be a HUGE help to me! But there’s no requirement — I’m thankful you even agreed to this amidst your busy schedule.


About me

If you would like to get to know me a little more beforehand, feel free to read below or give me a call!



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