the servi family

An afternoon family session: family love stronger than blood


Paige has been in my life for many years, and I got to see her incredible strength and love, raising her daughter alone and working through high school and college. We knew it was more than a silly crush when somehow her path and Steven’s crossed, and both of their daughters started to become best friends. Now, they have their own house, and a new baby, and while it’s never been forced, their daughters are learning to say ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’. It’s truly remarkable to see their own dreams wait to be fulfilled and then unfold before their eyes.

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when everything starts  / falling / into place / all at once / it is a beautiful overwhelm. / the night air is thin / fragile / heavy laden / with all that / could be. / teach me / to hold loosely / hoping / but not  / clinging

— morgan alexandra, ‘falling into place’

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