shelby and marco

A just-because couple’s shoot: love in an abandoned Red Cross building


Shelby and Marco, though quiet about their love, have the most beautiful magnetism toward each other. The kind of love that instantly makes eye contact across a room. They take turns supporting each other in their dreams, and sacrificing what they’re pursuing for the other to have a turn. I love the way the are quietly a rock for each other while never failing to make each other laugh. They’re both artists (musician and cosmetic/hair) and introduced me to this amazing location!!


I would like my own body to turn into a heap of incense and sandalwood and you set a torch to it. / When I’ve fallen down to gray ashes, smear me on your shoulders and chest. / Mira says: You who lift the mountains, I have some light, I want to mingle it with yours.

— mirabai, from ‘don’t go, don’t go’

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couple holding her face sun streaming in the window abandoned building
couple almost kissing photographer brooklyn
couple laughing and smiling new york city
wedding shoot black and white maison may

katy & aaron

Engagement & wedding