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You can celebrate your imperfect love right now. No need to wait for a milestone.


I've been sitting alone for hours / Waiting for you to bring your ugliest parts to me / I've been naming our thorns for hours / Hoping you'll treat them as kindly as you treated me

— Serpentwithfeet, from 'messy'



That ‘date’ [photo shoot] was really good for us— meaningful and good. Some sweet, open words were shared that we don’t take time to do in the midst of laundry, homework, etc.
— sarah, anniversary

I’m more love-is-doing-the-dishes-quietly than fancy dinners.

Feel like your story is too hard to share? I’m your gal.

You don’t have to feel like your love story fits the images you see in magazines, or worry whether it’s cool or unique enough. You, feeling safe around someone else on such a deep level, is already enough. Maybe you’ve been through the fire this year and are struggling to find your bond again. You don’t have to pretend like it’s all good for me to shoot you. Together, we can find space to breathe, whatever that looks like for you. If you’re someone who is getting married but exhausted by the wedding industrial complex, I’ll be here to celebrate the highs and lows and everything in between.

Worried you’ll feel weird in front of the camera or freeze and not know what to do with your hands? It’s ok. We’ll become friends long before the shutter clicks. And, I always bring a little ‘happy jar’ with me— inspired by something I had in high school. I had (still have) a terrible memory, so I wrote everything that I wanted to keep down on scrap pieces of paper. Sort of silly, but then one of my friends later gifted me their own jar full of quotes, memories, etc. I’ve brought a similar one with me on every couple shoot since. You’ll see more when we meet! ;)

Brooklyn anniversary and elopement photographer

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