the "why"

I want to create a space where you're free to live and grow without worrying about what other people think. Without photography, you wouldn't be able to get a glimpse of yourself truly alive, which is pretty amazing in itself. Here you can celebrate not only who you are, undone, right now, but also who you are becoming. We (because it's teamwork!) are known for real, meaningful, emotional, documentary storytelling with rich, artful undertones that doesn't feel the need to follow what's trending—because we're listening to emotions that can't even be put into words.

what i love

I'm about ordering in Thai food to the rooftop at sunset, rainy days in, playing dress up no matter the age, space for silence, asking too many questions, and making friends with the djembe player on the subway. This community is full of people who make sure no one is left out at a party, & who have friends that don't always look or think like everyone else. I believe in fancy dresses for old-fashioned dates as much as your grandma's favorite old sweater in the park. But most of all, I love turning strangers to friends.


i don't just tell your story, but listen for every detail and heartbeat. i want to create a place where photography is powerfully transformative.


the story!

Me personally, I like to read why people ended up where they did. There's something cool about a story of someone's life work full of bumps and turns, and you're more than welcome to mine.

I started photographing with a point-and-shoot way back when and experimented with really glamorous, exquisite subject matter, selfies & my cats.  Thankfully, I did start photographing my friends using my dad's camera, when Facebook was suddenly really big and we all needed those fly profile pics. But, after a few months, I realized I was usually the one photographing and enjoying it. So, like the nerd that I am, I checked out every book from the library about photography and dove in headfirst, spending hours googling and shooting flowerpots 'til I could get the manual settings. When I opened RJI in 2013 in Wisconsin, I had no idea it'd become my life work. So I shot seniors, families, fashion, and a variety of subjects until  I found that this really put fire in my bones. (Especially because I'm not usually an open person, I found it especially powerful to be able to get to know strangers and tell their stories —and even bring healing together.)

I fell way in love with meeting people in an honest way, and realized there was no way I could imagine life without that!

As a last note: my dream is to shoot vow renewals and couples over 75 someday. Know someone awesome with maybe a little gray hair? Send me the details!!!