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In-home family session: a morning making pancakes


I really can’t emphasize enough how much I love that the kids stayed in their PJ’s and spent an ‘ordinary’ morning snuggling, helping make breakfast, and reading books. They each have such a special bond with one another, and I loved tagging along to discover what each one was (and who’s mommy’s boy and daddy’s girl). Even at their young ages, you could see the affection they carry for each member of the family. So sweet!

toddler looking out the window documentary lifestyle photographer families
toddler playing a game lifestyle children's photographer brooklyn
toddler sticking her tongue out in home lifestyle photographer family
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kids reading a book park slope family photographer
boy in his bedroom in between moments family photographer
girl holding balloon in home family portrait session
mom reading book to her family photoshoot near me
kid laughing on mom's lap prospect heights family photographer


mom reading curious george to her daughter brooklyn heights family photographer
mom and daughter laughing brooklyn heights family photographer
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mom and daughter reading a book on the sofa


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mom feeding baby natural light brooklyn family photographer
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“she was very deliberately waiting / perhaps for my father to come home  / from his night job or maybe for a dream / that had promised to come by  / ‘come here” she said “i’ll teach you  / a poem: i see the moon / the moon sees me / god bless the moon / and god bless me’ /   

i taught it to my son / who recited it for her / just to say we must learn  / to bear the pleasures / as we have borne the pains

—Nikki Giovanni, ‘mothers’

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