sarah & tony: anniversary

Reconnecting after an almost-breaking-point


Sarah and Tony had just spent the last 6 months going through one of the most difficult experiences yet — slaying demons from the past, keeping the family together, and having no one-on-one time with one another while managing a new church. This slow shoot in three of their favorite places was a chance to reaffirm their love for one another and catch their breath.

couple in a bookstore anniversary photographer
couple reading a note in a bookstore sunlight golden hour
couple anniversary session new york city library
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couple photographer new york city sunset anniversary brooklyn

How precious to hunger for / morning and the tilt / of all things — lampshades / by windows, cups / of warm milk, / fire hydrants / all lilting towards her / when I rise and pour / across the earth to where / her heart stands like some factory / with sun in every window / slanting its legs / to press upon the ash. / the way her loveliness summons / me like some trumpet / made of blood jutting up amidst the last dandelions / and dying grass to sing to her.

— john rybicki, thought at the parting of these waters

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sunset photography new york city anniversary couple